Not just for pickleball, to play any game, it is important to know the basics of the game. When it comes to pickleball, the basic rules are very simple. Just a few minutes of concentration is all takes to understand it clearly. Now in this article, we will see the rules and basics of the game.

The background

The basic rules of pickleball are formed by the International Federation of Pickle Ball, and they call it as the IFPA official tournament rulebook. When it played among small kids, there are no restrictions, and hence the rules can be bent a little bit. If you are playing a professional game make sure that you follow the rules and wear reliable kits from brands like V&A Pickleball.

The two bounce rule

It is mandatory that the ball must bounce twice. It should bounce one time on each side of the court before the players hit the ball. When the ball is served, it will bounce once in the receiver’s court. The team that served must wait for the ball to bounce again to hit the ball.

The non-volley zone faults

The rectangular area that is adjunct to both the sides of the net is called as no volley area. The dimension of the no volley area is 7×20 feet. This is one of the most important and difficult rules that need to be followed. You are allowed to enter the NV zone if you are making a volley shot. But your forward momentum cannot take you to the NV zone.  This actually helps to have long rallies and line players do not get injured that badly because of this rule. It can be hard for beginners to follow as their concentration will be entirely on the game and they will look forward to hitting the ball wherever it comes.


The team which will serve first can be decided by the traditional way by calling the toss. The team which gets to serve first will get only one chance to serve. When the server serves, he or she should announce 0,0,2. 0 and 0 are the points, and two is the number of services. When the serve goes to the other side, they will get two chances to the server. Likewise, they also need to mention the current points.


The total points of the game are eleven. But there is a small twist in it. The team which is winning must win a minimum difference of two points. If not even if they reach eleven they should continue until they win with a difference of eleven points.


Scoring in pickleball can be a bit complicated as the servers also need to announce their server number. The team that is serving will score the points. During the service, if the opposite team scores the points then, their service is cut, and the service will come to the opposite team. As mentioned the winning team must win with a difference of two points.


Just like any other game, there are a lot of faults in the game. Some of them include players stepping into the NV zone, balls hit outside the court line, catching the ball, hitting the ball before it bounces two times and if the ball touches the person who is in the NV zone.