Are you concerned about your performance on the tennis court, but you are a newcomer? No need just study the game and enjoy the moments.

Invest in lessons

Lessons are precious if you are a beginner at tennis. Let people know that you are not familiar with the rules of the game. You do not know how to keep scores properly then ask them to explain it to you and to tell you if you do something wrong. Then change it.

What gets people irritated when they are playing with beginner players is not knowing that you do not know the rules of the game they may think you are messing with them. Be upfront and honest with more experienced players.

Tennis rackets

There are many rackets. You have adult size rackets. These are longer and with more power. Then there are rackets for beginners and junior-sized rackets. Choose rackets not only for size but also for your grip size. Testing to see if the size is right for you. Hold the tennis racket next to you, and if it is dragging on the ground, it is too long for you to handle. It is vital to know your grip size. When you are holding the racket in a grip, your thumb must go over the middle finger. If your thumb barely reaches the middle finger the grip size is too big for you. Ask for assistance when buying your racket.

Know the right grip

There are a lot of grips for different shots. It is imperative that you know how to position your hand on the grip.

Learn to get a top “forehand” and to hit the ball with power.


Some people play in running shoes. Running shoes were made to assist runners when they are moving forward where tennis shoes were made for the tennis players to move sideways. The tennis shoes have leather straps to give extra support to their ankles and heels. If you play in running shoes, you might injure your ankles.


Without practice, you will not improve your game.

Warm up and cool down

Warm up and cool down before playing a game and after playing. If you do not warm up before a game, you might injure your muscles.


Drink a lot of water. When the weather is hot, you need refreshments, or you might dehydrate and feel faint.

Work on your footwork and co-ordination

You can always improve your speed. Reacting to your opponent’s shots means to be able to move around the court very fast.

The most important tip to consider is to have fun. Do not get discouraged. Get instructions to improve your game continually and enjoy it thoroughly !